default.png Terms and Conditions

        To ensure that Le Riad Hotel provides a safe and comfortable stay to guests, the following rules need to be followed otherwise the hotel reserves the right to cancel the violator’s stay and/or refuse their use of the hotel facilities.


        ·         The Hotel reserves the right to charge the full amount for the damage that occurs in the hotel’s furniture and fixtures as they are all antiques.


            ·         Food from outside the hotel is not allowed unless a concession form is signed.

            ·         Flammable substances cannot be allowed inside the suites.

            ·         Weapons and pocket knives are not allowed.

            ·          Satellite communication devices are not allowed.

            ·         Loud Voices, TV, and Music inside the suites are not allowed to maintain a quiet environment for our guests.

            ·         The Hotel reserves the right not to accommodate guests with contagious debases that can harm other guests and staff.

            ·         Suites visits are not allowed, receiving guests can only be in Tekkeya Lounge or Zeeyara Restaurant.

            ·         Make-up service is done by request, if you need to clean the room call the reception desk.

            ·         Photoshoot sessions are not allowed on the premises unless a previous agreement is being made.

            ·         Smoking is not allowed in the hotel except for the outside terrace area of Zeeyara restaurant.

            ·         Smoking is not allowed in the suites and it is permitted on the balconies only.

            ·         Do not remove furniture from the suites.

            ·         Valuable lost & found items will be kept in the hotel for a maximum of 12 months. (Jewelry, Credit cards, mobile phones)

            ·         Non-valuable lost & found items will be kept in the hotel for a maximum of 3 months.