Pharaonic Village: Should You Visit This Location?

Pharaonic Village: Should You Visit This Location?

Pharaonic Village: Should You Visit This Location?

Pharaonic Village: Should You Visit This Location?

The Pharaonic Village is a wonderful start for anyone visiting Egypt for the first time. It is an Egyptian Park where all the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization and modern history is visually Explained. It is a special place where Egypt's entire history, from ancient life to the modern era, is explained in two to three hours. If you are in Egypt or planning to explore this land, you should not miss the historical experience of the Pharaonic Village.

This guide is about exploring the Pharaonic Village; I will provide you with basic information the regarding your tour of Pharaonic Village, which will assist you in planning your tour of this amazing place.

Interesting Facts about the Pharaonic Village

Following are some interesting facts about the Pharaonic Village

1.    The Pharaonic Village was established by Dr. Hassan Ragab. He also rediscovered the ancient Egyptian skill of making paper, which is an interesting discovery.

2.    It is a unique location where Egypt's entire history—from the beginning to the present—is explained in just a few hours.

3.    More than a hundred actors and actresses portray ancient Egyptians' everyday tasks and artistic pursuits, such as weaving, pottery, and other activities.

4.    The Village contains a complete copy of King Tutankhamun's tomb with all his treasures.

5.    The Village contains 12 new museums dedicated to ancient Egypt, Egyptian history, Christian history, Islamic civilization, Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, and the Museum of modern Egyptian history.

6.    You can only get to this Village by boat.

What you will see in the Pharaonic Village

Pharaonic Village is one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Cairo. It is a site where the history and art of ancient Egypt are explained to depict the ancient life of pharaohs. There is a lot in this Village, but a few things are discussed here.

Tomb of Tutankhamun

You can find the exact copy of King Tutankhamun's tomb at the Pharaonic Village. Dr. Rigab used Howard Carter's notes on the original tomb and a team of engineers, archaeologists, architects, and specially selected Egyptian artisans to accurately recreate the entire tomb.

In 1992, Dr. Hassan Ragab opened this exact copy of the tomb so that people could feel the same joy that Carter and Lord Carnarvon felt when they finally discovered the tomb after a long-drawn six-year search. Dr. Ragab insisted that the copy be made to be as similar to the originals as possible. So most of the reproduced objects made for this replica tomb were made entirely by hand using the same techniques used to create the originals. Every single one of the objects, including the silver and gold jewelry, the large golden throne, and the Canopic marble containers, were crafted over many years at a huge cost.


The Ptolemaic Museum

It depicts a fascinating historical period from the reign of Cleopatra to the reign of Alexander the Great when the city of Alexandria served as the main capital of the entire ancient world. Additionally, there are replicas of the amazing King Tutankhamun's tomb, which was made public in 1992.

Islamic History Museum

This Museum educates visitors about the greatest warriors to have fought across the old world, from Persia to Spain. This incredibly interesting Museum hopes to teach young children everything they need about Egyptian culture, history, and religion.

Boat Museum

This Museum contains some of the most beautiful ancient boats and ships. They were made of wood or papyrus and used for ancient religious traditions.

Children's Park

The Pharaonic Village has one of Egypt's largest urban parks for children. This playground is a favorite place for relaxation and recreation for kids and adults visiting the Village in the cool shade provided by the nearby trees.

Cleopatra Studio

You can capture portraits of you and your family dressed in pharaonic attire from Cleopatra's Studio. You can dress up as an Egyptian country girl or an Arab sheik. There are multiple backgrounds available for your image; any background you desire is available from them.

Where is the Pharaonic Village located?

The address of this Village is; 3 Al Bahr Al Aazam, st, Giza District, Giza Governorate 12519, Egypt.

It is three miles south of Cairo's downtown on a Nile island. You can visit this Village by boat.

Is visiting the Pharaonic Village Worth it?

Pharaonic Village is a special location where the whole of Egyptian history, including both ancient and modern histories, is explained in two to three hours. It is worth visiting this incredible Pharaonic Village; going here will make you feel like you are in ancient Egyptian. I suggest visiting this location first when exploring Egypt.

Where should you stay to visit the Pharaonic Village in Cairo?

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Closing Comments

Pharaonic Village is an important source of preservation for our knowledge of the ancient Egyptian civilization, making it a place for learning and entertainment. Any visitor to Egypt, whether an expert on Egyptian history and culture or just a tourist, must visit the Pharaonic Village. It's a wonderful addition to a trip before visiting Aswan and Luxor.