Maison Al Suhaimi Then Vs. Now

Maison Al Suhaimi Then Vs. Now

Maison Al Suhaimi Then Vs. Now

Maison Al Suhaimi: Then Vs. Now

Bait Al Suhaimi, also known as the Al Suhaimi House or Maison Al Suhaimi, is a historic house located in the Old Islamic Cairo district of Cairo, Egypt. It was built in the late 17th century and is known for its beautiful architectural features, including the intricate wooden latticework screens known as mashrabiya, colorful stained glass windows, and painted wooden ceilings.


The house was originally built for a wealthy merchant family and served as their residence for many years. In the late 19th century, it was purchased by Sheikh Ahmed Al-Suhaimi, a wealthy trader who expanded and renovated the house to its current size and grandeur.


Today, Bait Al Suhaimi is open to the public as a museum, showcasing traditional Egyptian architecture and decorative arts. Visitors can explore the house's many rooms and courtyards, admire the intricate details of the decorative elements, and learn about the history of the house and the families who lived there.



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