Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalil is the spacious market in the core of Old Cairo. It is a huge mash-up of new and old, from hundreds of years of Islamic architecture to modern conveniences. This historic market or Bazaar has legendary status among Cairo's many must-visit places. It is located in Cairo's central district and attracts both residents and tourists.


Khan El Khalili, Egypt's most lively market, is among the most famous stops on trips in Egypt. In this article, you will find what fascination this Khan El Khalili bazaar holds.


In the 14th century, Sultan Barquq established Khan El Khalili as a shopping store (Khan). Initially, this was just one building with some merchants and merchandise to sell and buy. Afterward, the descendants of sultan Barquq established more such buildings that enhanced the trading there. This place slowly became a huge trade center for most of the world's merchants and buyers.


Now, this is among the most visited places on earth, and tourists always want to make a trip around this place.

What Charm Does Khan El Khalili Hold?

Although if you don't like shopping, roaming around Egypt's most ancient Khan El-Khalili bazaar is indeed a journey not to be overlooked.


Like many other traditional bazaars, Khan El-Khalili was once split into sections based on its goods for sale. This encouraged a competitive spirit among merchants because buyers could negotiate a deal from one shop to the next. Presently, this has slipped back slightly, and the personal backstreets offer a greater variety. Le Riad Hotel de Charme is the best hotel that is situated in the core of Cairo. Avail of their services while touring Cairo for the best experience.


So, what do you want to explore in Khan El Khalili?

1.     Leather Products

Aside from the busier parts of the market, you'll find vendors selling excellent quality leather goods. The leather is smooth and soft, and purses, blazers, and smooth slippers are reasonably priced.


2.     Silverware, Copperware, and Brassware

There are numerous copper, silver, and brassware merchants. Wall plates, lightbulbs, kitchenware, and other items are among the many available shapes and sizes. Consider how you'll accommodate your buying into your luggage, as some items are simpler to carry than others.

3.     Gold Jewelry

Khan el Khalili contains Egypt's biggest silver and gold market. For the fashion-conscious shopper, a whole street of jeweler shops gives hours of discovery. Large stores that draw residents and visitors are the spot to purchase gold in Egypt. Pendants, bracelets, brooches, and other small items in both gold and silver adorn the buildings of the jeweler's shops. Some are artifacts, and others are brand new or made to order. Ancient Egyptian jewelry and interlocking rings are widely available and can be personalized. Visitors who negotiate expertly can buy high-quality items at low prices; bargaining is an important skill here.

4.     Furniture

There are a few small places to buy furniture and home accessories for the home on the market's grounds. The quality is excellent, but the costs are quite high. A large item is unlikely to be purchased here, but a side table and lovely artwork by a street artist are.

5.     Hookahs / Shisha

Hookah water pipes are available for purchase across the Bazaar. Hookah cafes have long been a part of Egyptian culture, and gathering with shisha pipes is a popular social activity. You can purchase a range of Hookahs in Khan El-Khalili, a little more stunt than others.

6.     Rugs

Each eastern country has its distinct rug-weaving custom. Egyptians are distinguished by bright colors and a profusion of geometric patterns, particularly blocks. Besides Iranian and Azerbaijani rugs, Egyptian rugs have fewer imprinted designs, making them suitable for any modern interior.

7.     Spices

Egypt's land produces one of the tastiest spices in the world. Here you will find aromatic herbs and the best spices that will boost food taste when added. Khan El Khalili has a vast market for spices, and locals and tourists love to buy spices from this ancient market. You will find a variety of spices here.

8.     Clothes and Shoes

Khan El Khalili is known to depict the major culture of Egypt, including sparkling bright color clothes and traditional designs of shoes. You will find long frocks, embroidered shirts, and pajamas here. Mostly you will see Egypt's traditional clothes in Khan El Khalili.

9.     Food

Roaming around for hours in the Bazaar from one spot to the next is guaranteed to leave a traveler thirsty and hungry. Fortunately, Khan el Khalili and the nearby areas have numerous Egyptian places to eat.


You will have the opportunity to eat delicious pizza inside a restaurant. You will be having cold and fresh drinks anywhere around the food corner. You can eat the traditional food of Egypt locally available there. Enjoy a cup of tea with your friends sitting on outside chairs in winter.

Tips for Bargaining and Buying

Prepare to sharpen your negotiating expertise there at Khan el Khalili Rates aren't really fixed in this Bazaar, so bargain tricky or expect an empty pocket. So, coming to the point, here's the core principle.


       First, inquire about the product's cost and anticipate paying approximately half the stated rate. Walk away, pretending to be uninterested in their deal. The real game of negotiating begins at this point, and the cost begins to fall.


       Before agreeing on a price, visit a few stores to get a sense of the appropriate standard cost of the product.


       If the shopkeeper can offer you an item at the cost you least consider quoted, he will do it, as he wishes to complete the sale.


       On the contrary, think more carefully before haggling over a few pounds, which may amount to only a few cents in your monetary system.


       Handicraft enthusiasts should thoroughly check an item for structure before purchasing it. Egyptian tourism strongly recommends against purchasing defective Egyptian handicrafts.

Fast Way to Reach Khan El Khalili

Avoid going to Khan el Khalili from neighboring Downtown Cairo to stop fighting crazy traffic, environmental damage, bullying, and frustrations. Take a cab from Tahrir Square to Midan Hussein for about 5 to10 Egyptian pounds. A taxi will drop you in front of Al Azhar mosque. Then from that spot, you can wander straightly to the Bazaar via the underground tunnel.

Final Words

Egypt is the center of attention for most of the world's tourists due to its significant history. Numerous wonders happened back in Egypt that left human being amazed and stunned. Visiting Egypt will prove to be one of the best trips, of course, but do not forget to visit Khan El Khalili, the most famous Bazaar of Egypt. You will regret missing it!